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Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Foreclosure Auction Property
There are many properties being offered at foreclosure auctions across the nation right now. Some are good investments and others are not.
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How to Purchase a Fannie Mae Foreclosure Property
Purchasing a Fannie Mae property in my opinion is the easiest and best way to go right now if you are looking for a foreclosure property. Fannie Mae is government run.
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For Wholesale Real Estate Investors and Financial Investors & Partners....

Wholesale Property Investors use Action Investor Network (BETA) as a primary source for finding Real Estate Investment Properties and other Real Estate Investor Partners. This website is an ideal portal for Wholesale Real Estate Investors and Financial Investors & Partners to come together.

Wholesale Real Estate Property Investors:

Post your Wholesale Investment Property and Investment Deals FREE after Registration. All posted properties are viewable by all registered members. All interested parties that will like to invest in that deal will be able to contact you through email.

*All Real Estate Investment postings will be reivewed for accuracy
and completeness by the Action Investor Network staff*

Real Estate Financial Investors & Partners:

Browse through all Wholesale Investment Property postings based on whether you prefer Residential or Commercial properties. Once you find a Wholesale Investment Property that intersts you, click on the link and view the details about that particular deal.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to helping you succeed in Real Estate Investing.

TIP: Please submit as much information as possible in your postings. All of our member investors appreciate details and it has been known to generate more interest as it reflects on the quality of your posting..

New Wholesale Property Listings
Property Name Property Type Investment Type City Details
Investors Delight In Stanfield NC Single Family Contract Assignment Stanfield View
Cash Buyers wanted for ongoing source of wholesale deals Single Family Wholesale Property Chico View
WHOLESALE PROPERTIES FOR SALE Single Family Contract Assignment TUCSON View
INVESTORS WANTED Single Family Contract Assignment tucson, arizona 85735 View
Wholesale Flip Palm Desert Single Family Wholesale Property Palm Desert View
Priced Way Below Market Single Family Contract Assignment Viginia Beach View
Great Opportunity In South Philly Condominium Wholesale Property Philly View
Potter Highlands Property 2 - 4 Units Silent Partner - Rate & Term Denver View
Manufactured Home Single Family Contract Assignment New Ringgold View
Florida Reo Properties Single Family Silent Partner - Equity mirpur View
Rental Property in Booming Town Single Family Wholesale Property Odessa View
Lawrence, MA 2 - 4 Units Wholesale Property Lawrence View
Wholesale Property under 100,000!!! Single Family Wholesale Property tallahassee View
Atlanta wholesale Deal Single Family Wholesale Property Atlanta View
Baltimore FIXER UPPER HOUSE - 4700 BLK of FRANKFORD AVE 21206 Single Family Wholesale Property BALTIMORE View
quick flip in Newark NJ 2 - 4 Units Silent Partner - Equity Newark View
excellent fix and flip (38% equity) Single Family Silent Partner - Equity Jackson View
Wholesale property - 20% of ARV Single Family Wholesale Property Philadelphia View
Akin Drive Single Family Contract Assignment Longview View
Leona Project Single Family Wholesale Property District Heights View
Bellalago Single Family Wholesale Property Kisimme View
Birmingham Deal Single Family Wholesale Property Birmingham View
Wholesale Downtown Phoenix Duplex 2 - 4 Units Wholesale Property Phoenix View
fix and flip Single Family Wholesale Property Decatur View
Great Wholesale deal in Saint Louis Single Family Silent Partner - Equity Saint Louis View
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