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Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Foreclosure Auction Property
There are many properties being offered at foreclosure auctions across the nation right now. Some are good investments and others are not.
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How to Purchase a Fannie Mae Foreclosure Property
Purchasing a Fannie Mae property in my opinion is the easiest and best way to go right now if you are looking for a foreclosure property. Fannie Mae is government run.
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Answers to FAQ

What does Action Investor Network do?
Action Investor Network is an exclusive online source for investors in both residential and commercial real estate to find suitable investments that meet their individual criteria.

How does it work?
Action Investor Network allows a finder/property investor to post specific properties which will be viewable to financial investors looking for investment vehicles.

How do I contact other members?
To view the member's profile, you must be registered member of the website with a subscription. Once you are a member, the posting member's profile will be viewable towards the bottom of he property posting. To contact this poster, click on the email link. This will allow you to email the poster for additional information.

Where can I find information on Real Estate investing?
There are numerous informational books and websites available that will explain the fundamentals of real estate investing. Action Investor Network currently has a BLOG site which explains basic fundamentals. The BLOG can be viewed at:

What is the difference between Residential and Commercial properties?
Residential properties are any property that is considered to be as follows: Single Family, Condominium, Townhouse, Planned Unit Development, 2 Units, 3 Units, 4 Units, Mobile homes, Manufactured homes, and vacant land that is suitable for residential development.. Any properties with 5 or more units, and buildings where commercial operation is the primary goal, and development are considered to be commercial properties. More detailed information can be viewed on our BLOG site at:

What are the requirements for becoming a registered member?
There are no specific requirements in terms of licenses, whether business or legal, to be a member of Action Investor Network. However, this site, being a paid membership site, requires a valid credit card to join. Anyone age 18 and over can be a member at anytime by click on this link.

What are the benefits of being a registered member?
As a registered member of Action Investor Network, you can view complete property posting details, contact the poster for additional information, and receive weekly emails of new property postings. New features are added occasionally and will be available to registered members only. To become a registered member, please click on this link.

How much does it cost to be registered member?
Action Investor Network is currently in Beta Phase. Therfore, no fees are charged for registering as a member. However, Action Investor Network reserves the right to charge membership fees at any time with a 1 month notice to our existing members. At that time, membership fee is estimated to be $20.00 per month without any long term commitments. To join Action Investor Network, please click on this link.

How do I log into my account?
To Log in, please visit the homepage and input your username (your email address), and password in the form fields on the top right of the page. Please note that the password is case sensitive while the username is not.

How can I reset my password?
Navigate to My Accounts page and click on Change Password. Type in your current password and your new password and click on Change Password button on the bottom.

How do I close my account?
Account can be closed by emailing us at At the same time, please provide a reason why you are closing your account. We take all feedbacks seriously and use it to add new features and benefits to the members.

How much does it cost to post properties?
As long as you remain a registered member of Action Investor Network, all property postings are FREE. However, Action Investor Network, Inc. reserves the right to change or modify the posting fee at any time with 1 month notice.

When does the Posting appear on the website?
All property postings will be reviewed by Action Investor Network's staff for accuracy and completeness. This insures the registered members that all crucial information is present to make a sound decision. This process takes less than 1 hour from time of posting but can vary depending on the amount of postings. Therefore, please allow up to 24 hours for your posting to appear on the website.

How do I edit an existing posting?
Navigate to My Accounts page and click on Edit link that corresponds to the property you would like to edit. Make changes to the property posting. When finished, click on Save button on the bottom to save the new changes.

How do I delete a posting?
Navigate to My Accounts page and click on Delete link that corresponds to the property you would like to delete. Once a property posting has been deleted, you will be asked if it has been funded. Your answer, while not required, will be appreciated.

Who will see my property postings?
All properties posted will be viewable by all visitors. However, non-members will be shown an abbreviated listing. The abbreviated listing will not show contact information, financial information, file attachments, and other pertinent information. Registered members of Action Investor Network will be able to view all posting information except the property address and will be allowed to contact the poster through email for additional information.

What is Deal Analysis?
Deal Analysis is a service offered by Action Investor Network that enables a star rating (2-5 stars) for a posted deal. The star rating is based on profitability of the deal and are shown first for all searches in a descending order of stars.

Who analyzes the deals?
Each deals that are posted with a star rating are reviewed and analyzed by Action Investor Network's staff. Our staff is knowledgeable in both commercial and residential real estate investments. Each deal is analyzed using a system that measures the potential profitability.

What does Deal Analysis cost?
Cost for Deal Analysis is $49. This is a one time charge for a specific property and includes all reviews and rating that pertains to that property.

How do I advertise on your website?
For advertising opportunities, please send us an email with your inquiry.

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